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One of the scariest things about identity theft is that it is something that you can’t detect until after it happens. Unfortunately, there’s no way to stop it from happening once your information falls into the wrong hands. The most important thing you can do though is to detect fraudulent activity and report it as quickly as possible. The faster you get started correcting the issue, the easier it will be. You need to be aware of some identity theft red flags that you can use to jump into action.

Identity Theft Red Flags

  • Stolen Credit or Debit Card/Money Taken From Bank Account
    • Tip: You should check your credit card and bank statement weekly, if not daily. If you see any unauthorized transactions, contact your financial institution immediately. Sign up to receive email or text alerts whenever there is a new transaction. This is the fastest way to detect shady activity.
  • Multiple Tax Returns Filed Under Your Name
    • Tip: If you receive a letter from the IRS that there are more than one tax returns filed in your name, this is a major red flag for identity theft. Also, if you receive a W-2 or 1099 from an employer you don’t work for, this should set off an alarm.
  • Lines of Credit Opened In Your Name
    • Tip:  Check your credit report as frequently as possible. You can receive three free reports per year, one from each of the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion and Experian). Visit to receive your free report. It is best to use one free credit report every four months so that you can monitor your credit throughout the year.
  • Unemployment Fraud
    • Tip: If you receive a notice from your employer or your state unemployment office regarding unemployment benefits you didn’t apply for, you may be a victim. Unemployment fraud has been one of the most common forms of identity theft since the pandemic started. 

The easiest way to nip identity theft in the bud is to sign up with an identity theft restoration service before you become a victim. A service such as ReclaimMyID will work until your identity is restored to 100% of its pre-theft status.

Keep an eye out for these identity theft red flags and you’ll be in the best position to catch the culprits as quickly as possible.

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