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At a time when data breaches are exposing hundreds of millions of individual’s personal information to the wild, there is no better time to understand and develop an identity recovery plan for how you might respond in the event your identity gets stolen.  Like any crime, identity theft is certainly not something folks like or even want to think about, but it’s really become necessary due to the volume, increased frequency, and detail of personal information being exposed.  It’s also important to keep in mind, while large data breaches capture the headlines, there are incidents occurring everyday of a much smaller scale which can also expose one’s personal information and are equally capable of leading to a stolen identity.

Since there is no way to completely prevent identity theft and the frequency of incidents exposing individuals private information, having a plan to recover one’s identity should it be compromised has really become unavoidable.  While there are online resources such as to help guide a person on how to respond should their identity be stolen, it is ultimately left in the hands of the individual to perform the identity recovery.  These identity recovery efforts can take days, months, or even years and can consume precious hours of one’s time.  Having a partner with the knowhow of identity recovery is the greatest benefit of our ReclaimMyID service. By signing up for ReclaimMyID before your identity is stolen, you’ll have a place to turn should you or a family member experience an identity theft event, and save those precious hours and headaches associated with self-recovery.  ReclaimMyID will assign a dedicated expert who fully manages the recovery of your identity on your behalf in the event its stolen.  In addition, the ReclaimMyID experts will not stop until your identity is restored to pre theft status and keeps your case on file for three years to address any recurrence as long as you remain a member.

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