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A Quick Guide to the Most Important Insights in Identify Protection

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There is incredible value with ReclaimMyID knowing that they would represent me if I had to fight an ID theft case. They are experts in their field and are prepared to quickly solve a breach of ID. I wouldn’t know where to begin if I were on my own.

Alison S,


The value in ReclaimMyID is, in my opinion, the sense of security it provides.  If that day comes regarding my Identity, your company provides the resources to make me whole again.  We have so much going on in our daily lives, the wrench that being a victim of identity theft would throw in my life would be unbearable.  It would be a full time job on top of the 60+ hours a week I already work.

Jon R,

Law Enforcement

I have personally seen the effect of ID theft on individuals lives. I have had multiple patients go through the process always starting by themselves.  Many of their cases have taken multiple months and even years to solve.  Some have had multiple sources steal their ID’s making the case much more complicated.  They are all very stressed and miserable from the complication.  I’m glad I have coverage with ReclaimMyID.

Joe S,


My biggest concern with identity theft is somebody having access to my personal private information that could expose my family, business, and finances.  Having ReclaimMyID on my side minimizes my exposure to theft and it is invaluable to me and my family to have this protection.

Mark P,


If I didn’t have ReclaimMyID and needed restoration I don’t know where I would turn.  I see the true value in having a personal representative fighting my potential identity theft case.  They are the only company that know exactly what to do.  They will not only yield the results you need, but it will happen in a timely fashion, which is imperative.

Sheldon C,

Mortgage Banker

ReClaimMyid has tremendous value to me because following an identity theft incident, the restoration of my identity gets my credit reputation back in order.

Krystal E,


I would not legally represent myself in any criminal situation. Why would I treat an identity crime any differently.  This needs to be handled by the ReclaimMyID professionals on my behalf.

Geoff M,

Insurance Professional

I realize that identity theft is on the rise, and therefore, personal representation is very important.  It would give me piece of mind to know that I have someone in my corner should I need them.   If I found out I was a victim of identity theft, I would call the ReClaimMyid support team.

James V,

Air Trafic Controller

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