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As technology becomes more interwoven within our society, younger and younger children have access to apps and the internet. While many apps and websites are perfectly acceptable for kids, there are those who would look to take advantage of their vulnerability. There are plenty of cases of apps in the Google Play or Apple App Store where games targeted toward children will be infected with malware. In order to protect your family, you should take the time to teach your kids about download safety.


The first step in staying safe when using technology is knowledge. The only way to know what is safe to download is to become aware of things that are potentially dangerous. Free applications, website popups, social media advertisements and e-mail attachments are all prime real estate for potential threats. Teach your children never to download or click on a popup or attachment without asking for your permission first.

Keep Watch

One of the easiest ways to keep children from straying outside of their boundaries is to supervise them when using technology. It is advised that you keep computers in a public area. This will allow a parent or supervisor to be close by should they have any questions.


Children are curious and trusting. It is important to set up parental controls to prevent them from visiting unapproved websites. Installing a firewall, security software and anti-malware software will boost your internet security and alert of any incoming threats. Install a popup blocker to reduce potential risks. As a parent, you can set up a different account for each child and one for yourself. This will allow you to fine tune restrictions for each person, depending on their age and the amount of access you wish to give them.


You should periodically speak with your children about their internet activity. Sit down and go through their browser history and talk about the places they’ve been visiting. Also, take this time to inform your family of new potential threats or schemes you’ve heard about. Being open and honest about internet use will help keep everyone safe.

The internet isn’t going anywhere and the habits you teach your children now will carry with them throughout their lives. Teach your kids about download safety and you will reduce the chances of becoming a victim now and in the future.

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