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Securing important items is something that we all do. What types of items come to mind when you think about things you need to keep safe? You likely think of your house, wallet, keys, passport or jewelry. What you may not consider are the items that are easiest to break into which hold a wealth of your personal information – cell phones, tablets and computers. Just like the physical items you likely imagined earlier; your personal devices can be targeted by criminals. If left unsecured, your information can be stolen and used to steal your identity. In order to keep criminals at bay, you need to update your software. Having the most up-to-date software will ensure that your personal devices are prepared to fend off the ever-evolving schemes that are devised to steal your information.

What software should I update?

  1. Operating Systems. Every device you have, from cell phones to computers to tablets, uses an operating system to run. Your cell phone and tablet probably run on Apple iOS, Android, or Windows. Your computer most likely runs on MacOS or Windows. Developers of these operating systems send updates regularly with new patches which help safeguard your devices. The easiest way to stay up-to-date is by enabling automatic updates of your operating systems. If you don’t wish to have your devices update automatically, set up a monthly reminder to download and install new updates.
  2. Security software. Anti-virus, anti-malware and firewalls are common security software that you will find on devices. Viruses and malware are constantly changing to try and get around these types of security software. If you don’t keep these programs updated, you’re giving criminals the upper hand.
  3. Apps. Most people use apps daily. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. These can also be hacked and often hold a lot of your personal information. Keep them up to date so you can keep your information protected.
  4. Web browsers. In order to search the internet, you have to use a web browser. Some of the most popular are Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Since you use these browsers to login to websites and enter personal information, it is a place where criminals can steal that information. You should check regularly for updates and install when a new version is released.

We live in a technological age, so much of our most valuable information is held digitally. Update your software to help secure that information or it can be used against you. Identity theft can be devastating, so do all you can to stay safe.

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