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Everyone has routines that they follow throughout a given week. Whether it is taking out the trash on Wednesdays or vacuuming on Sundays, most likely you have things you do to keep your life on track. Well, protecting your identity should be something you make a habit of each and every week. We’ve compiled a few weekly security habits you need to start today.

Update Your Passwords

The most common password for internet logins is ‘password’. This also means that it’s the easiest to guess. If your passwords aren’t up to par, take a few minutes each week to review your logins. Create new, strong passwords to ensure your security on your favorite websites. You should have unique passwords for each website and they should be changed periodically. Often we save credit card and personal information on these websites, so we must ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Keep An Eye On Your Financial Statements

Monitoring your financials is extremely important. Make it easy on yourself and take one day out of the week to monitor bank and credit card statements. This also includes online wallets such as Apple Pay and PayPal. You’re looking for anything out of the ordinary or suspicious. It’s a great idea to also check your credit score if your credit card offers this free service.

Protect Your Social Media

Social Media has become such a large part of most people’s lives, but we often don’t put much thought into it. We post personal photos and our most personal thoughts. Are your security settings as strong as they can be? Take a few minutes each week to review your settings and review what is posted on your social media. You want to keep your personal information between you and the people you trust.

Spending just a few minutes, a few days a week, can add an extra level of security in your life. These are weekly security habits you need to start and stick to in order to protect your information.

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