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With each passing year, the amount of information we are sharing grows exponentially. We share information through social media, apps and websites. Even information we don’t share is at risk of falling into the wrong hands via data breaches, hacking or phishing. Your credit card information can be stolen with a skimmer. We are a technological society now, but even the old school methods of stealing information such as social security cards, tax records and stolen mail are just as dangerous as ever.

Identity theft has become a serious issue. If your identity gets stolen, what do you do? Well, you can try and correct the issue yourself by possibly spending hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars and no telling how much stress. However, the best way to recover your identity is by subscribing to an identity theft restoration service. What is identity theft restoration? In short, it is someone who will have your back when you need it the most.

Identity Theft Restoration

The most common term is identity theft restoration but can also be called identity recovery or resolution. ReclaimMyID defines identity theft restoration as, “a set of activities designed to help consumers regain control of their identity and finances after an identity theft occurs.” These are actions you can take yourself or you can enlist the help of a certified identity theft restoration company.

A qualified identity theft restoration company will help you restore your identity to 100% of its pre-theft status. The only caveat is that you must be subscribed to the restoration company’s service before an identity theft event occurs. You may be required to grant the company a limited power of attorney in order to fully manage the recovery and you will need to file a police report. The rest of the work will be completed by the restoration company.

There are many identity theft restoration companies, you must research to find the best fit for you. Most companies will charge a yearly or monthly fee, per person. They may also offer a family price for a higher amount. However, ReclaimMyID, a proven company in the industry, will protect your entire family for just $49.99 a year. This is such a small price to pay for the peace of mind you’ll receive. Not to mention the amount of time and money it will save you should you have your identity stolen.

Identity theft is growing by the year and it will continue to do so. Give yourself the relief of knowing that if you become a victim, someone will be there to help you pick up the pieces (and put them back together for you).

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